Road Trip to Arizona


Oct. 0506, 2019


My boyfriend, Minh, and I recently went on a mini road trip to Arizona with our friends to pick up Minh's new car.

Since it was Minh and I's first time visiting Arizona we decided to make it a two-day weekend trip to give us time to do a bit of exploring!

We started our first day in Phoenix getting Minh's new car and exploring the Desert Botanical Garden. 

I've never seen so many different cacti species before! I loved it. The Desert Botanical Garden was so beautiful and huge! At times we felt like we were lost, but thankfully they had a lot of signs to help you navigate around. 

Afterwards, we found the cutest boba shop called, Mango Rabbit. I was in a weird avocado smoothie phase at the time, so as soon as I saw "Mango Avocado Smoothie" on the menu I knew that was what I had to order—and I was very happy I did because it was super yummy! 

My heart was set on dinner the moment Minh told us Arizona had Whataburger! After having Whataburger for the first time in Dallas a few years ago, any chance I get to go to a Whataburger—I will try to go to a Whataburger!

Our second/last day in Arizona was super short as we still had to make our trip back to California in the afternoon.

We started our day with breakfast at a place called, Biscuit Cafe. I normally don't like biscuits that much, but their biscuits with their homemade marionberry jam was amazing together. Also pictured is Minh's pumpkin spice waffle, which was also  amazing.

Anytime I travel I'm always looking for a stationery or book shop to explore. I found this super cute letterpress stationery shop called, Prickly Pear Paper.

It was a little tricky to find at first, but it's basically inside of another building called, Barnone, that had other small craftsmen shops and eateries. It seemed like such a cool place to eat and hangout with friends. I definitely want to go back someday and spend more time exploring the other shops there!

Their cards were so pretty, and the quality felt super nice! I wanted to buy everything, but I ended up just getting a vinyl sticker and a souvenir card for myself, and some postcards to send to friends.

Our last stop of the day before heading home was to get ice cream! Sadly, I didn't get any photos of the place but it was called, McMahon's Ice Cream.

They have a lot of vegan and gluten-free options which was awesome. Minh and I are neither, but we've become huge fans of vegan and gluten-free food so whenever the option is available we always get excited to try them. 

So we definitely sampled some of their vegan and gluten-free flavors which I think were mostly if not all coconut milk-based. I'm not the biggest fan of coconut milk-based ice cream yet, so we ended up getting one of their dairy flavors instead. We got and shared their "Banana Cream & Nilla Wafers" flavor which was really good and was a great way to end our short, but super fun Arizona trip!




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