Character Designs

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Lupa was inspired by the wolf constellation, Lupus, & the Latin word for “she-wolf.” Lupa has the biggest sweet tooth, which is why Halloween is her favorite time of the year because she gets to go trick-or-treating for candy. Don’t be alarmed when you see her at the front of your door step! She’s a very sweet wolf & usually doesn’t bite, unless you steal her favorite Moon Pie treats from her.

Flint was inspired by the fox constellation, Vulpecula. I named him Flint after his flint colored nose & vibrant colored fur. Fall is his favorite time of the year because he loves getting to run through all the crunchy leaves on the ground, & when he’s tired out he enjoys resting by a warm campfire while devouring all the apple chips his heart desires!
Aster was inspired by the bunny constellation, Lepus. I named her after the Aster flowers that grow in late summer & early fall. The name Aster also comes from the Greek word for star, which I thought was fitting. She enjoys everything pastel year-round, but specifically in the fall you can find her either in the garden collecting her favorite pastel fall flowers or cozying up indoors knitting herself something pastel to keep her warm while she enjoys her favorite treat, pink hot chocolate with pastel colored marshmallows!

Kiki from Kiki's Delivery Service.


Shizuku from Whisper of the Heart.


Sakura from Cardcaptor Sakura.


Pikachu from Detective Pikachu.


Futaba from Persona 5.


Acerola from Pokemon Sun and Moon.


Lillie from Pokemon Sun and Moon.