CATEGORY: Branding + Brand Identity┊Character Design

OBJECTIVETo create a brand identity that represents myself as an artist through my signature use of lighthearted colorsan aspect of my art that I've always identified the most with.
SOLUTION: When it comes to making art, I always find the most satisfaction in creating a pleasing color palette, which led to the name Palettemeli: a combination of the word ‘palette’ and my nickname, ‘Meli’. The color palette for this brand identity is a blush pink and pastel sea foam blue, two of my absolute favorite colors. A medium grey is also used for contrast in order to make the lighter colors appear more vibrant. To showcase more variety of my use of colors, I recreate my logomark and its color palette every now and then to use as sticker freebies for my online shop during holidays and events.